Michael J. L. Griswold

I see all things in reverse

From right to left I read your words

In your world, I go unseen

Yet I hide in your looking glass

In the corners of all human gazes

Ever quite

Ever silent

Never seen

And rarely noticed

And when its time for me to play

All I do is sit and wait

Wait to hear your humans calls

In the darkened rooms with lit candles three

But wonder I must when I hear the call

What is it that you wish to see?

What makes you hope to see a figure such as me

A figure covered in crimson so sweet

Whose eerie hair is shadow black

Whose skin is paled like blood soak snow

But yet I do not heed the call

For it is different in this world

For me to come your call must be right

Speak my name in mirror’s tongue

To see me come just say my name

Three times unbroken

Three times called out

Three times correct

Yram Ydoolb

Yram Ydoolb

Yram Ydoolb

But be warned

I do not play