Will Wright

Poetry Collection

Many of us were touched by poet and fellow Redlands student, Will Wright, who passed away in November. We would like to remember him with this small collection of his poetry. His bright spirit will be missed.

Court of Animals

I follow them to where
Sticks weave among green
Thrush, and crags
Lurk, dark and unlit
Their masks, some brown some black
Mimic animals, fox, crow, rabbit, with
The great council of condors
Ruling from the branches that sweep
The sky as leaves rain down.

Each of them wholly committed,
Eternally in love with the Bacchus, to
Dancing and laughing and singing,
Urging me to join forevermore, I
Think for a moment… how can I refuse?

Sylvan Sanctuary

Lying in a forest
Enveloped in green
I open my heart unto thee

Faerie lights twinkle
Shimmer and gleam
You accept the poor wretch you see

Surrounded by creatures
Plump, squishy, and wee
I find solace in your safety

Harmonies rising
Suspended it seems
Forever with love as their key

Sleeping in a forest
Wrapped in arms and dreams
We drowse throughout eternity



Cheated I’ve been
And a cheat she is
No one outwits the wittiest imp


From straw to gold
Three nights I toiled
All for a lie and a no good skrimp


How could she know it
Who could have said
What foul sorcery lost me the babe


No matter the cost
No matter the loss
A deal is a deal and you can’t escape


A telescoped leg
A torn apart chest
I’ll rend myself from East to West!


Jubilee Street stroll
Oxymoronical road
Monotony reigns

Watch the artist walk
Every flower causes pause
Why are you so odd

The moving finger
Rustles leaves and drags debris
Invisible breath

Amber glass bottles
Like a lens to see the world
Spirit nix spirits

The little train waits
Increasingly impatient
For me to board it