Staff Bios


Justin Hart
Justin Hart is a freshman at the University of Redlands who plans to major in Creative Writing. He served on the editorial committee for the Redlands Review and writes science fiction in his free time. 

Belen Robles
Belen Robles is a freshman at the University of Redlands, majoring in Creative Writing and planning to minor in either Sociology or Spanish. Her writing reflects the worlds of fantasy she loves to read and when not engaged in those activities, she loves to seek the same thrills with rollercoasters, traveling, and in the dark room of a movie theatre.

Julia Moreno
Julia Moreno is a junior at the University of Redlands majoring in Political Science with an emphasis in Constitutional Law. She has served as an editor for the 2021 Redlands Review and particularly enjoys reading horror novels in her free time. 

Noa Josef Sperber
Noa Josef Sperber is a junior at the University of Redlands majoring in Creative Writing (both Fiction and Poetry emphases) and Environmental Science (Marine Sciences emphasis). They were a longstanding Poet Ambassador to Los Angeles and have published several short stories and poems. Currently he’s working in mixed media narratives and poetry, but above all they are partial to surrealism, philosophical narratives, and extended metaphor. He was proud to edit the Redlands Review this year.


Sam Abere
Sam Abere is a freshman at the University of Redlands who is majoring in English Literature and minoring in Creative Writing. This year, Sam was a part of the Social Media team for the 2021 Redlands review. In his free time Sam enjoys, writing, hiking, and currently plays for the University’s basketball team. 

Jordan Damond  
Jordan Damond is a Junior at the University of Redlands who is majoring in Creative Writing with a focus on Fiction. Jordan is currently working on a fantasy novel while experimenting with Poetry regarding the feelings induced by the pandemic. He enjoys all types of reading from books to manga to webcomics. He cares most about the quality and not the type of material.

Vaishali Halbe
Vaishali Halbe is a junior at the University of Redlands and has an emphasis in Creative Writing and Women, Gender & Sexuality studies. Vaishali spends her free time writing, doing photography and spending time with her dog. 

Kalyn Kershner 
Kalyn Kershner is a writer from Ewa Beach, Hawaii.  She is currently a Creative Writing major. Her passion began with writing poetry many years ago and has only grown from there. Kalyn balances her time between writing, being a student and being a collegiate athlete.

Myeekay Notah 
Myeekay Notah is an all-around cool dude. His unique voice and personality are present in all his creative endeavors. In addition to working on a novel called Custerkiller, he plays banjo and guitar, and writes songs. He is finishing his last year at Redlands before continuing his studies at IAIA to get his MFA in fiction. 


Victoria Van Huystee 
Victoria Van Huystee is a sophomore at the University of Redlands, majoring in Creative Writing. She has experimented with writing in all genres, but focusses primarily in fiction and poetry. Victoria is also an avid painter, with work featured in the Presentation High School Art Magazine. When not writing, she enjoys spending time with her dog, Fred, listening to music, and drinking lots of tea.

Max Krauthamer
Max Krauthamer is a University of Redlands and Johnston student from Washington D.C. They are a senior studying photography and music and are a member of the ENYU Creative Collective. They will be graduating in May 2021 with the Johnston emphasis Storytelling and Narrative Through Visual and Audio Arts.

Nicholas Paesler
Nicholas is a current sophomore at the University of Redlands and is majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Media and Visual Culture Studies. He decided to participate in the making of this year’s Review to work with others and produce a superbly designed media collaboration. In his free time, Nicholas enjoys working on his car and running around with his numerous dogs at home in Portland, OR. He is looking forward to returning to campus in the fall. 

Noah Shapiro
Noah Shapiro is a Sophomore at the University of Redlands who is majoring in Business Administration, with a passion for writing. Noah plans on continuing to take writing classes and possibly minor in creative writing. He is a proud member of the design and production team for the Redlands Review.