Editorial Statement

Finding Solace In Nostalgia

Nostalgia is a bittersweet gift that has become a steadfast presence since the beginning of the pandemic. Reunited with friends from a long time ago and forming new relationships, we find ourselves unsure about the future. We seek comfort in past memories, and nostalgia trickles up our neck and face and we blush at how good we had it. This has been our first full school year back in person and after living in such uncertain times, composing this book has unleashed a new hope for the future as we remember what once was.

The works for this year’s Redlands Review were selected to symbolize two things as we emerge from the pandemic that has disrupted our lives for the last two years: a look back at nostalgic times and memories, as well as, a look forward towards the promising future that lies ahead. Compiled in this book are wonderful pieces from University of Redlands students and alumni ranging in genre from poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and visual media that achieve the two ideas we looked for this year.

Submissions this year were rich with prose and poetry. The creation process of composing poetry is reflective for the writer, offering readers a more intimate view into the poet’s mind. Given the self-isolation and mental strain of the past two years, it’s no surprise many creators had a collection of artistic and personal pieces to share. The therapeutic nature of writing poetry was an outlet for many artists left alone to their thoughts during a period of global loss and grief.

The unique design and layout are representative of the fresh spirits the spring semester of 2022 has emulated. We extend our gratitude to the design team that put in several late nights into creating this lovely literary review.

With that, we present to you the Redlands Review of 2022.

—The Editorial Team