Nearly forgotten under the chaos of twenty-twenty, The Redlands Review coalesced in the spring to provide for its community a safe place to house their worlds and sorrows. With a focus on hybridity and expansion of medium while also making sure not to depart from the traditional forms of literary art, we wished to nourish and take full advantage of the format as the magazine itself was forced to transition to an online platform. As submissions slowly accumulated, we found ourselves delighted with the refreshing mediums of songwriting and photography, as well as poetry that rebelled against the rigid concepts of structure. Though the possibilities were endless, and we were freed from the boundaries of a physical journal, the process of balancing quality over concepts left our team with plenty of passionate debates. With personal ideas challenged and resolved, this review not only broadened its mediums but the subject and genre of its material.

        It was not easy to select the pieces included in this journal. We editors painstakingly reviewed each and every one of our submissions. We engaged in heated discussions about the merits of each piece, some of which lasted for weeks.  Poetry, short stories, photography, music, and videography- we received sublime submissions in each and every one of these artistic mediums, making the Redlands Review a truly marvelous showcase for the great creative minds we are honored to have here at the University of Redlands. Each and every piece in the Redlands Review epitomizes artistic craftsmanship, deft displays of skill in its chosen medium, and above all, incredible emotional impact. We the editors felt that these pieces spoke to us and we believe that they will do the same for you, the readers. We feel proud and immensely privileged to honor them in The Redlands Review, especially our Editor's Choice winner. Following a year of restriction and emotional turmoil, we not only want to appreciate those who have been accepted but all who submitted and were brave enough to share their artistry with us and the community. We thank you and wait patiently to hear from you, as well as any new voices, again.  

We hope you enjoy the Review!


The Redlands Review Editorial Team