Parker Dean Smith

To have your fear validated is the enemy of Obsession,
Dear Obsession,

I wish I could settle all of it,
The disagreements between You.
And I. Between Me. And You.
But there’s not enough space between
You.                      Me.
Not enough space.

It’s a game of You said. I Said.
Only We speak with the same voice.
Only We are in this same body.
Only We. Are We. We are You.
We are Me.     Us.     We are Us.
Us together in this same body. Same brain.

I diagnose You, to shrink You,
But You grow. I speak Your name
And You speak back. Like My
Thoughts only angrier.
My thoughts? Yours?                Ours?
Whose thoughts are they really?

There is not enough space
Between what is Mine.
And what is Yours. Or,
Is it Mine? Was it ever Mine?
Or did You paint it My color?
Did You say it in My voice again?

I hope You did. I hope none of it
Is Mine. I hope that there is no We.
Yes. Just You. Just Me. No We.
You?     Me?     No Us?
Can You imagine that? Can You?

No Us?

No. Me neither.