publisher Amarnath Ravva

editorial board Romina-Marie Baronia, Carmelo Barrera Cruz, Jonathan Hoffman, Olivia Manson, Teya Starnes, Gillian Wolf, and Ayled Zazueta

social media and publicity Elijah Brown, Shaqur Raft Leonardo Codrington, Georgia Wilder, and Ayled Zazueta

design and production Carmelo Barrera Cruz, Leslie Sernaque Falcon, Michael J. L. Griswold, and Ella Staats

cover artwork Ella Staats

text set in Cormorant Garamond and Nobel

the redlands review is the print and web journal of the University of Redlands published annually by the the creative writing department and produced by students. We would like to thank Sara Thompson, Alisa Slaughter, Greg Bills, Leslie Brody, Pat Geary, Youna Kwak, Joy Manesiotis, and Jennifer K. Sweeney. We would also like to thank the Dean’s office for funding, without which we could not publish this book.

redlands review
creative writing department
1231 East Colton Ave
Redlands, CA 92374

issn: 1947-1734