Kalyn Kershner

Familiar Paths

I’ve forgotten
the beauty 
of the early morning hours

The subtle 
light of the not yet 
awoken sun

The chill of 
as no one else is awake

But the birds who 
chirp as they go 
about their day

I breathe in 
the crisp air 
as I stroll 
down familiar paths

I whistle 
the tune 
of the early bird

and somehow
I know every word

The dew 
on every blade of grass

I realize the true beauty of nature

Every unique petal 
of the flowers that I pass

Each breath that I 
sends a calm 
through my soul

Every chirp, 
a whisper, 
“be still” they say

For a moment 
I forget 
all the troubles of life

that melt 
as if they were never there 

I continue 
as the world 
begins to rise

The sun
begins to shine 
on all 
that tried to hide

I can now 
no longer rest 
as my thoughts begin to flurry

But not of the things 
that haunt my past

My mind it gravitates 
toward new beginnings
and what the future may hold

Beams begin to shine 
and warm the earth

I pluck a flower 
as a souvenir,
a reminder as my adventure 
comes to a close

I remember what beauty nature holds
When I walk down familiar paths