Mariah Thompson

Do You

Remember the feeling of invincibility? A quirky coupling, that 

and desperation. 

        The faucet drips

I really used to believe 

we'd be the unstoppable sweethearts. My sweet heart

wanted to believe in love the first time.

        My stomach drops

Let’s go back to what we thought we knew: 

        Carefully sporadic trips


buzzed at our fingertips so

we mistook curiosity for omnipotence. Silly

        Warp pebbles into clocks

ignorance we clutched unknowing 

amongst bright beds of thickstem aster and tiger lily. 

Remember the taste of peach in the evenings? Vanilla ice cream

chilling the metal spoon before it reached our lips. We thought ourselves

innovative, or crafty. 

        Tick, tick, tock, 

We swam in smug adolescence, joyful in our frequent 

unchecked mistakes.

        Drip, drip, drop 

        finally: silence.